Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

MD-100: Windows 10


Module 1: Installing Windows

Lab: In-place upgrade of Win7 to Win 10

Lab: Migrating User Settings using USMT

Module 2: Post-installation Configuration and Personalization

Lab: Using Settings App & Control Panel

Lab: Using Group Policy Objects

Lab: Using PowerShell to Configure Windows

Lab: Managing local and network printers

Module 3: Updating Windows in Windows 10

Lab: Updating Windows 10

Module 4: Configuring Networking

Lab: Configuring Network Connectivity

Lab: Configuring and Testing Name Resolution

Lab: Remote Management

Module 5: Configuring Storage

Lab: Managing Storage

Lab: Compressing Folders

Lab: Enabling Disk Quotas

Lab: Creating a Storage Space

Lab: Synchronizing files with OneDrive

Module 6: Managing Apps in Windows 10

Lab: Sideloading an App

Lab: Installing and Updating Microsoft Store Apps

Lab: Configuring Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode

Module 7: Configuring Authorization & Authentication

Lab: Joining a Domain

Lab: Creating Security Policies

Lab: Configuring UAC

Module 8: Configuring Data Access and Usage

Lab: Creating, Managing, and Sharing a Folder

Lab: Using Conditions to Control Access and Effective Permissions

Module 9: Configuring Threat Protection and Advanced Security

Lab: Configuring Windows Defender

Lab: Creating Firewall Rules

Lab: Creating Connection Security Rules

Lab: Using EFS

Lab: Using Bitlocker

Lab: Configuring AppLocker

Module 10: Supporting the Windows 10 Environment

Lab: Monitoring Events

Lab: Monitoring Reliability and Performance

Module 11: Troubleshooting Files & Applications

Lab: Using File History to Recover Files

Lab: Troubleshooting Desktop Apps

Lab: Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues

Lab: Troubleshooting Microsoft Edge Issues

Module 12: Troubleshooting the OS

Lab: Recovering using Reset This PC

Lab: Recovering using a Restore Point

Module 13: Troubleshooting Hardware and Drivers

Lab: Recovering using Driver Rollback




MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops


Module 1: Planning an Operating System Deployment Strategy

Lab: Planning Windows 10 deployment

Module 2: Implementing Windows 10

Lab: Implementing Windows 10

Module 3: Managing Updates for Windows 10

Lab: Managing Updates for Windows 10

Module 4: Device Enrollment

Lab: Device Enrollment and Management

Module 5: Configuring Profiles

Lab: Managing profiles

Module 6: Application Management

Lab: Managing Applications

Module 7: Managing Authentication in Azure AD

Lab: Managing objects and authentication in Azure AD

Module 8: Managing Device Access and Compliance

Lab: Managing Access and Compliance

Module 9: Managing Security

Lab: Managing Security in Windows 10