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MB-300: Microsoft Finance and Operations Core

Duration: 03 days

Dates: 19 - 21 May 2021 (3 days)

Dynamics 365 Finance helps you to:

  • Automate and modernize your global financial operations.
  • Monitor performance in real time, predict future outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.
  • Drive strategic financial decisions with artificial intelligence (AI), unify and automate your financial processes, reduce operational expenses, and decrease global financial complexity and risk.

Skills gained

  • How to navigate and efficiently use search, filtering and queries
  • How to use operational workspaces
  • Work with Business Document Management
  • Work with record templates
  • Integrate Power BI with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps
  • How to personalize workspaces
  • Identify when to use Power Platform in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations app.
  • How to apply security roles to users
  • Run and analyse security reports
  • Create and use workflow for approval
  • Work with Organization Hierarchy and its purposes.
  • How to use personalization feature
  • Use Data Management workspace
  • Create and use and entity templates
  • Copy configuration data between legal entities
  • Import and Export data and manage data by using Office Integration
  • Use Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT)
  • Create User acceptance Tests (UAT) and test plans
  • Create and work with Business Process Modeler (BPM)
  • Understand how to use Issue search


MB-330: Supply Chain Management

Duration: 03 days

Dates: 23 - 25 Jun 2021 (3 days)

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you to:

  • Transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations.
  • Use predictive insights and intelligence from AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) across planning, production, inventory, warehouse, and transportation management.
  • Maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability.
  • Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations, modernize warehouse management, optimize production performance, maximize the life of your assets, and automate and streamline your supply chain.

Skills gained

  • Configure the most important Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management functionalities.
  • Process most of the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management transactions.
  • Explain to others how Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management features and functionalities works


  • Implement product information management
  • Implement inventory management
  • Implement and manage supply chain processes
  • Implement warehouse management and transportation management
  • Configure and manage quality control and quality management
  • Implement master planning